We specialise in the daily delivery of fresh, healthy and great tasting food to businesses throughout Malta.

Our formula is quite simple… All our items are carefully hand prepared fresh every day using an amazing blend of natural ingredients bursting with true flavour.

No preservatives and absolutely nothing artificial.

We also endeavour to use locally sourced & seasonal ingredients wherever possible.

We proudly provide interesting & reasonable solutions for the following corporate activities;

  • Business Delegations & Meetings
  • Training Sessions & Team Building Events
  • Receptions & Themed Events
  • Boat Parties, Picnics & BBQ’s
  • Private Functions, Parties & all sorts of Outside Catering
  • Film Crew Catering Services

Call us on 2131 2222 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information or to place your order.

Preferably, orders should reach us by about 10am on the morning of your required delivery. We will gladly take your order the day before too - this helps us coordinate our day more efficiently.

Lifestyle Lunch Delivery Menu


Sandwiches /rolls

Mature cheddar, piccalilli and salad multi seed pocket bread
Egg mayo on baby spinach multi grain roll
Grilled vegetables and hummus sunflower bun
Chicken, mushroom mayonnaise wholemeal bun
Parma ham, mozzarella, tomato, rucola and olive oil multigrain bun
Roast beef, salad leaves, mayonnaise and mustard white bun

Turkey breast, brie, baby spinach, mayonnaise and mustard multigrain bun
Gammon, Emmenthal cheese, salad and butter white roll
Chicken and coleslaw wholemeal bun
Bresaola, parmesan cheese and tomatoes soft ciabatta
Grilled bacon, lettuce, tomato and butter multigrain bun



Chicken, mango chutney and bacon strips white baguette
Mature cheddar, pickles and butter white baguette
Beef, tomatoes and piccalilli white baguette
Napoli salami, parmesan shavings and tomato artisan baguette
Gammon, Emmenthal, butter and mixed salad leaves wholemeal baguette
Parma ham, parmesan cheese, tomatoes,rucola and olive oil white baguette €3.50
Chicken, grilled peppers hummus and Greek yoghurt wholemeal baguette €3.75
Grilled vegetables, tomatoes, pesto and olive oil artisan baguette €3.50
Stuffed chicken roulade with salad leaves white baguette €3.75
Chicken pesto with rucola white baguette €3.75
Gammon, Edam cheese, salad and butter white baguette €3.00
Cheese omelette, tomatos and butter white baguette €3.75
Roast beef, caramelised onions, tomatoes and lettuce white baguette €3.95
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and rucola wholemeal baguette €3.95
Tuna mayo with sweetcorn and tomatoes white artisan baguette €3.75


Stone Oven Bread

Maltese traditional Hobz biz-Zejt - Stone oven ftira with olive oil, local tomato paste, tuna, tomatoes, mint, and white beans. €3.00
Gammon, Maltese cheeslets, butter, salad and tomatoes stone oven ciabatta €3.50
Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil with a drizle of olive oil stone oven ciabatta €3.50
A Maltese favourite: Bajd u Bacon - Stone oven ciabatta with an omlette, bacon tomatoes and mayonnaise.


B-B-Q Chicken wrap (chicken strips,B-B-Q sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, sweet peppers, onions and sweet corn) €3.50
Chicken and coleslaw wrap (chicken breast, mayo, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes) €3.50
Parma ham, blue cheese, tomatoes and mixed salad wrap €3.50
Pulled duck, hoisin sauce, cucumber, spring onions and crispy salad wrap
Three cheeses wrap (Brie, Red Leicester , Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes) €3.50
Roast beef wrap (roast beef and caramelised onions , sweet corn and tomatoes) €3.75
Salmon and cream cheese wrap (Smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, salad and dill) €3.75
Grilled veggie and hummus wrap (Peppers, aubergine, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and hummus) €3.00
Chilli con carne wrap (beef chilli con carne, with tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese) €3.75


served with a bread roll
Tuna Nicoise salad - tuna chunks, potatoes, green beans, eggs, cherry tomatoes, black olives, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

Chicken tandoori and yogurt salad - Chicken breast with tandoori seasoning, yogurt, chopped mint, lemon juice, tomatoes, cucumber, snow peas, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mixed salad
Caesar’s salad - chicken breast, mixed lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, bacon, croutons, parmesan shavings, caeser dressing
Italian chicken salad - chicken, capsicum, cucumber, parmesan, walnuts and paprika garlic sauce
Smoked salmon salad - smoked salmon on rucola and baby spinach, tomatoes, capers, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon
Cold pasta salad - wholemeal pasta with red pesto
Grilled vegetables with feta cheese, mixed salad, olive oil and balsamic vinegar €5.00
Caprese salad - Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, rucola, cucumber, corn, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar
Moroccan spiced  chicken and couscous salad with sultana, cucumber, corn, walnuts, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Parma ham salad, with parmesan cheese, cucumber, corn and walnuts served with balsamic dressing.
Avocado and prawns on mixed salad, cucumber, corn, tomatoes and lemon juice
Tuna chunks, eggs, cucumber, corn, mixed salad and tomatoes


The Foodality Salad Bar:
Includes Bread Roll & Side Dressing of your choice
for just € 5.00


Crispy salad leaves

Black Greek olives
Sweet corn
Spiced Moroccan couscous
Hard boiled eggs
Artichoke hearts
Red kidney beans
Parmesan Shavings
Cherry Tomatoes
Curried Vegetables
Pickled Vegetables
Feta Cheese
Sundried Tomatoes
Speciality Items: add €1
Roasted Chicken
Roast Beef
Smoked Salmon
Parma Ham
Side Dressings...Choose from:
Caesar Dressing
Olive Oil
Balsamic Dressing
Sweet Chilli Sauce


Chicken noodle soup €3.50
Gazpacho (cold soup) €3.50
Pumpkin and walnut soup €3.50
Carrot and ginger soup €3.50
Vegetable and lentil soup €3.50


Hot Dishes
Risotto with chicken peas, marrows and mushrooms €5.00
Risotto with bacon, mushrooms and cream €5.00
Beef stew on rice €5.75
Curried fruity chicken on rice €5.00
Melenzane alla Parmigiana served with crusty bread €5.00
Penne with smoked salmon and cream €5.00
Penne with pancetta, mushrooms and tomatoes €5.00
Penne chicken pesto and pimento salsa €5.00
Penne tomato and vegetable sauce €5.00
Risotto with aubergine, marrows peppers and basil €5.00


Fruit Salads
Fruit salad – 120g €2.00
Fruit salad – 275g €4.00
Exotic Fruit salad – 120g €2.50
Exotic Fruit salad – 275g €4.50
Fresh fruit Kebab (small) €1.20


Pastries for Dessert
Apple Pie €1.00
Apple Crumble €1.00
Jam Tart €1.00
Almond Tart €1.00
Coconut Tart €1.00


26cm diameter, serves 12-16 persons
Traditional Apple Pie €17.50
After 8 Cake
Choclate and Pear Tart
Chocolate Fudge (High) €22.00
Pecan Pie
Bacio Tart
Carrot Cake €17.50
Triple Choclate Cake
Strawberry & Vanilla Gateau
Tarte au Chocolate €17.50
Rainbow Cake
Pistacchio & Ricotta Torte €21.00
Cassatella €19.00
Cherry Cheesecake €18.00
Lemon Cheesecake €18.00
Cassata Siciliana €20.00
Chocolate Fudge (Low) €17.00
Chocolate Gateau €18.00
Snickers Gateau €18.00
Banoffee Pie €18.00
Maltese Trifle €17.50
Gateau Marie €17.50
Blueberry Cheesecake €18.00
Lime Cheesecake €18.00
Lemon Curd Tart €17.50


Specials Selection: Soups, Stews & Risotto
Attention: All hot food is delivered in microwaveable containers to be reheated
Slow Cooked Pork Stew with Root Vegetables and Green Apples served with Rice € 5.75
Navarin of Beef Stew cooked with Ale and served with Rice € 5.75
Risotto with Cold Water Prawns, Smoked Salmon & Tomato Sauce & finished with Pesto € 5.25
Risotto with Bacon, Mushrooms & Cream € 5.25
Risotto with Chicken, Peas, Fried Aubergines & Mushrooms € 5.25
Risotto with Aubergines, Marrows, Peppers & Black Olives finished with a Basil Tomato Sauce V € 5.25
Roast Pumpkin & Walnut Soup GF/N/V € 3.50
Chicken and Noodle Soup € 3.50
Cream of Marrow Soup with Bacon Lardons GF € 3.50

Spectacular Salads
The Original Chicken Caesar with Chicken, Grana, Croutons, Crispy Iceberg Lettuce & Caesar Dressing € 4.95
Smoked Salmon set on Rucola Leaves served with Walnuts & Grana Shavings GF/N € 4.95
Moroccan Spiced Chicken with Cous Cous, Chickpeas & Garlic S € 4.95
Thai Beef Noodle Salad S € 4.95
Chicken, Raisins and Avocados set over Crispy Salad Leaves GF € 4.95
Cobb Potato Salad with sliced Chicken and Walnuts set over Crispy Salad Leaves N € 4.95
Tuna & Hard Boiled Eggs served with Pitta Bread over Crispy Salad Leaves € 4.95
Baked Vegetables with Balsamic & Feta Cheese set over Salad Leaves GF/V € 4.95
Poached Pears, Blue Cheese, Cashew Nuts, Honey & Mixed Salad Leaves GF/N/V € 4.95
Cajun Flavoured Pork with Marinated Mushrooms drizzled with Local Honey served with Salad Leaves GF/S € 4.95

The Foodality Salad Bar: includes Pitta Bread & Side Dressing € 4.95
Crispy salad leaves
Marinated onions
Black Greek olives
Coleslaw with cumin and honey
Potato salad
Sweet corn in sesame oil
Spicy couscous S
Hard boiled eggs
Marinated beetroot
Marinated artichoke hearts in herb oil
Red kidney beans, tomatoes & garlic
Fried aubergines with balsamic
Chickpeas with garlic & parsley
Butter beans with garlic & parsley
Sliced goat cheese
Tomato & onion salad
Marinated cucumber
Marinated mushrooms
Fried marrows with garlic
Cauliflower florets with parsley and lemon juice
Speciality Items: add €1
Chicken Breast
Roast Beef
Salami Napoli
Parma Ham
Side Dressings...Choose from:
Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
Marie Rose Sauce
Thousand Island

SUSHI Platters
Samurai Platter - 48 pieces: € 35.00
Spicy Chicken/Spicy Tuna/California/Grilled Salmon/Teriyaki Chicken/Salmon & Avocado/Tuna & Avocado/Vegetable
Ninja Platter - 36 pieces: € 30.00
Prawn Nigiri/Salmon Nigiri/Ninja/Crab Mountain/Prawn Tempura/Cucumber/Tuna & Mayo/Salmon/Wakame
Kung Fu Platter - 42 pieces: € 40.00
Cucumber/Salmon/Tako Nigiri/Salmon Nigiri/Prawn Nigiri/Squid Nigiri/Spicy Chicken/Salmon & Rucola/Salmon & Avocado/Spicy Tuna
Nigiri Platter - 24 pieces: € 45.00
Tokyo Taster Platter - 24 pieces: € 20.00
California/Teriyaki Chicken/Salmon/Wakame/Salmon Nigiri/Prawn Nigiri/Tamago Nigiri/Tako Nigiri
6 Piece Sushi Assortment € 5.00
12 Piece Sushi Assortment € 9.00

Chicken with BB-Q Sauce, Mushrooms & Grated Mozzarella € 3.75
Chilli con Carne and Smoked Cheese (with a mayo spread ) S € 3.75
Club Wrap with Frittata, Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce and Tomatoes (with a mayo spread) € 3.75
Mushrooms, Blue Cheese and Candied Onions V € 3.75

Multi-Grain Pocket Bread, Ciabatta, Ftira or
Baguette (onion flavoured / wholemeal / plain)
We can also serve Gluten-Free Bread upon request (additional charge applies)
Turkey, Brie Cheese, Cranberry Spread & Rucola Leaves € 3.95
Cottage Cheese, Raisins, Pineapple & Salad Leaves V € 3.95
Chicken with Fresh Pesto, Rucola & Grana Shavings € 3.75
Chicken with Bacon, Eggs, Lettuce & Tomatoes (with a mayo spread) € 3.95
Tuna with Tomato Paste Spread, Sliced Tomatoes and Lettuce Leaves € 3.75
Cheese Omelette with Tomatoes & Salad Leaves V € 3.75
Parma Ham, Rucola Leaves, Grana & Tomatoes (with a mayo spread) € 3.95
Roast Beef with a Piccalilli Spread, Candied Onions & Goat Cheese € 3.95
Chicken & Coleslaw with Cumin & Honey € 3.75
Prawns & Crabmeat with Tomatoes, Lettuce & Marie Rose Sauce € 3.95

Pastries for Dessert
Apple Pie € 1.50
Apple Crumble € 1.50
Jam Tart € 1.50
Almond Tart € 1.50
Coconut Tart € 1.50

Beverage Selection
Soft Drinks 500ml € 1.40
Ice Teas 500ml (Peach / Lemon) € 1.20
Fruit Juices € 1.50
Natural Water 500ml (Local) € 0.80
Sparkling Water 250ml (Foreign) € 1.65

GF: Gluten Free

N: Contains Nuts

S: Mildly Spicy

V: Vegetarian